“Japan’s most beautiful place”

Our area, Kyoto on the Sea of Japan side has long been called one of the three most scenic spots in Japan.

It has been worshiped as the most important place of pilgrimage for over 1000 years and a very famous place as a longing place for Japanese people.

It’s a waste not to cycling.

You can enjoy a view that is not possible through the glass, feel the wind and sounds, and stop whenever you like.

This 50km coastline is a world with a very unique culture and beautiful scenery. Driving too fast and walking too slow to enjoy this.
And of course the best views come from high places. In other words, the optimal solution is the E-Bike.

Of course, cycling on regular bicycles is also fun, so we are prepared for both of them as well.

Pickup & Dropoff locations

1h from Amanohashidate by Bus, 50m from a bus stop “Hide Kotsubo” (GoogleMAP)

  • In front of Amanohashidate Station (GoogleMAP)
  • Closed on Fridays

300m from Amanohashidate Station (GoogleMAP)

In front of Fairfield by Marriott Miyazu(GoogleMAP)

300m from Fukuchiyama Station(GoogleMAP)

We can deliver to accommodations in Ine town for free if it’s near to our office. Please select in booking page.

We can assign other rental spot or deliver to other hotel if the additional charge applies. Please contcact

Sightseeing Spots

Amanohashidate is one of the “Three Most Famous Views in Japan.” This natural land bridge is described in legend as having been created by the deity Izanagi-no-mikoto as a path from the heavens to visit the deity Izanami-no-mikoto. Amanohashidate is a natural work of art created by the Sea of Japan and the Noda River, …


Ine lies on the coast of the Sea of Japan and is famous for its 230 wooden boathouses, “funaya”. Ine’s boathouses are famous for their unusual architecture: the bottom story stores a boat and fishing gear, while the second story comprises the living quaters. The floor of the bottom story nearly lines up with the …


Access to Yuhigaura There is Yuhigaura-Kizu Onsen Station, which is connected to Kinosaki Onsen, Amanohashidate, and Kyoto by a single train.


Fukuchiyama is the largest town in northern Kyoto and is connected to Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Toyoka by railroad and highway.
The castle was built over 400 years ago, and the castle and castle town still remain in the hands of the residents.

E-Bike Rental & Tour

4000JPY / 1 day

+2000JPY/ +1 day

16000JPY/ 7 days

+1000JPY/ +1 day (over 8 days)

=$26 / 1 day

=$13 / +1 day

=$103 / 7 days

=$6 / +1 day(over 8 days)

=€24 / 1 day

=€12 / +1 days

=€96 / 7 days

=€6 / +1 day(over 8 days)

Umino Kyoto E-Bikes


It's a very well-balanced E-Bike and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from long rides to gravel rides. Especially the motor assist and weight balance are excellent. It doesn't kill the cycling experience, yet provides solid assistance on slopes.The cruising range is about 80km, but the battery can last nearly twice that depending on how you ride.

Since it is equipped with a rear carrier, it can also be used as a trekking bike by adding pannier bags.

GIANT's website

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Select a Pickup and Drop Off Date

Recommended Course (half~1 day)

Begginer Lv
Beautiful Seaside Course (Amanohashidate to Ine)

[For Beginners] Distance 20km(Oneway)/
Touring time 1h(Oneway)/ Cumulative elevation 104m/ Rental spot: Amanohashidate

Intermediate Lv
Colorful Seaside Course (Amanohashidate to Yuhigaura)

[For Active Person] Distance 73.8km/
Touring time 6h~2days/ Cumulative elevation 862m/ Rental spot: Amanohashidate

Ancient Oni Conquest Road (Amanohashidate to Fukuchiyama)

[For Active Person] Distance 40.8km(Oneway)/
Touring time 3h(Oneway)/ Cumulative elevation 509m/ Rental spot: Amanohashidate or Fukuchiyama

Begginer Lv
Rice Terraces & Boathouses Course (Ine)

[For Beginners] Distance 11.2km/
Touring time 1h/ Cumulative elevation 256m/ Rental spot: Ine Hide Base

Amanohashidate Pilgrimage Course

[For Active Person] Distance 19.3km/
Touring time 3h/ Cumulative elevation 336m/ Rental spot: Amanohashidate

E-Bike Adventures around the Tango Peninsula

To journey to the Tango area is to truly discover another side of Kyoto. Facing the emerald waters of the Japan Sea, the region is blessed with some incredible coastal scenery and has a history that predates the ancient capital of Kyoto by thousands of years. For exploring this maritime land, nothing beats the comfortable saddle of a nippy electric bicycle…

Price & Cancel

E-Bike Rental
TermE-BikeRegular Bike
Half dayReservation not accepted
*please check at the store on the day
Reservation not accepted
*please check at the store on the day
1 day¥4,000¥2,500
2 days¥6,000¥4,000
3 days¥8,000¥5,500
4 days¥10,000¥7,000
5 days¥12,000¥8,500
6 days¥14,000¥10,000
7 days¥16,000¥11,500
Smartphone holderfree
Rear Rack & Rubber Bandfree
Pannier bag¥500
Charger for E-Bike¥500
Child Seat Attachment¥500
Emergency Resque Servicefree *only if you can be chatted via App or SMS
Luggage Strage¥500/day
One Way Rental¥1500~¥2500/bike *depend on place
Luggage Transport¥2000 each *next day delivery
Cancellation Policy
Before booking timefree
After booking time100%

Please pay the fee at the store when you rent. You can pay with either cash or card.

Usable Cards;


Weather for the Following Location: Maizuru
Recommended Restaurant & Cusine with Cycling

Tango peninsula has rich fishing ground and vegitable field to thank for clean sea and watar.

As for seafood, various fish come in the gulf and its SUSHI is incomparably delicous than any restaurants in urban area. Especially the yellowtail (Buri in Japanese) is popular.

And there rice and Sake (Japanese alchole) is very delicious, so many cyclists in Japan love to eat fresh seafood and drink sake after hot spring and cycling when they ride in Tango.

Honobono Cafe
Roadside Station Tenki-Tenki
Taiza Terrace
Rest Konoshiro
Restaurant Funaya
Sushi Ichii
Yoshino Chaya
Inenosora GOHAN
Cafe Ryosuke
Uranagi maru
Recommended Accommodation friendly to bicycle
Boathouse Guesthouse Aura
Hashidate Bay Hotel
Accommodations in Amanohashidate

Amanohashidate has been well known sightseeing spot for Japanse since several hodrets ago, so there are many hotels around there. You can easily find in OTA service.

Accommodations in Ine

* Most accommodations in Ine is small and don’t resister in popular OTA service such as Booking.com and Expedia. It’s better to search in the website of local tourim association. Also they provides mediation service in English.