Rice Terraces & Boathouses Course (Ine)

This is a cycling course for beginners that takes about 2 hours to visit boathouses and terraced rice fields and runs along the beautiful coastline.

Nii's terraced rice fields change color with the seasons, and the geometrical steps against the backdrop of the sea are extremely beautiful spots.

The best season is from May to September. In May, the rice fields are filled with water, and in July, they become lush green, and in September, they turn yellow.


  • As a rental place, Ine Hide Base is a good place to rent.
  • Ine is very small town and its population is just 2000, so there is no convinence store and a few restaurants. Some restaurants serve very delicious seafood, but they can be full in busy season or on Wednensday every week. You should be especially careful with dinner and breakfast if you stay in Ine.
  • If you get tired or have trouble, you can leave E-Bike at Ine Hide Base and go back by bus to Amanohashidate. If so, it costs 1500 yen per a bike as an extra fee. The timetable of bus is here.
My recommended restaurants around the course
Restaurant Funaya
Sushi Ichii
Inenosora GOHAN
Cafe Ryosuke
Uranagi maru
My recommended accommodations