Colorful Seaside Course (Amanohashidate to Yuhigaura)

Yuhigaura is popular as a beautiful sunset beach and unique terrain of coastline. Many Japanse go there every year to enjoy hot spring, swimming, surfing and eating seafood.

Along the road from Amanohashidate to Yuhigaura, you can see various beautiful seascape. Until Ine, the sea is calm. But it changes majestic after you passed Ine. Unique rock, rice fields, forest, beach, old shrine... the scenery that looks like painting of old Japan is called "miniature garden of original scenery in Japan".

If you are cyclist, you can cycle around this Tango peninsula (90km, Elevatoin gain 1000m) in 5-6 hours, but I strongly recommend spending more than 2 days in order to experience local culture.

Even if you are not cyclist, by E-Bike, you can go to Yuhigaura from Amanohashidate or cycle around Tango peninsula easily. If so, you'd better to use GIANT or YAMAHA E-Bikes.