3 Days Trip in Amanohashidate & Ine

This is an example tour course with combining e-bike rental with other service.

Recently, many tourists visit Amanohashidate and Ine as a set. Amanohashidate is one of the top three views of Japan, and Ine is the most popular fisherman's village.

If you want to travel both, definitely use our E-Bike, if you are healthy.

That's because the 20km coastal road between Amanohashidate and Ine is very beautiful and flat. You can easily go by E-Bike within 1 hour. It's rather faster than bus, because you can take shortcut by crossing Amanohashidate sanbar where the bus cannnot cross.

Moreover there is not even one bus to Ine every hour, even worse, it is often full of tourists from China and other countries recently.

E-Bike will promise your free travel in Ine and Amanohashidate.

Route MAP

Day1 Arrival at Amanohashidate

If you go to Amanohashidate on the first day of your trip, you'd better to go by train or highway bus from Kansai Airport which is the second largest airport in Japan.

It takes 3 to 5 hours. Please check Japan Transit Plannner that will tell you several ways to get there depending on conditions such as price, departure time and so on.

If you go there from other spot in Japan, Kyoto Station or Osaka Station is the Departure point for highway buses and express trains bound for Amanohashidate.

What to do with your luggage

There are 4 ways to leave your excess luggage.

If your luggage is small and light, you can load the luggage on the bike carrier.

Our e-bikes are enough powerful to carry luggage up to 30kg, have rear carrier and can be attached rental pannier bag.

② If you don't mind picking up your luggage after the next day, you can send it to hotel you will stay at the next day or the last day of trip.

You can do that at Chiekurabe, YoshinoChaya,most hotels and post office around Amanohashidate.

It costs about 2000 yen each and it deliver on the next day to the place in Kansai Area.

③ If you have applied for a package tour, you can leave the luggage in a support car.

④ If you come back to the place you rented after cycling, you can put the luggage in coin locker.

If your luggage is too big, the shop can keep it for about 500 yen.

Rent E-Bike and Gear

You can rent e-bikes and gear that will be a partner in your adventure.

There are 3 our rental partner shops around Amanohashidate.

  • Chiekurabe: in front of Amanohashidate Station
  • YoshinoChaya: 200m from Amanohashidate Station
  • Roadside station Miyazu: in front of Fairfield by Marriott
Amanohashidate View Land

We recommend looking down on Amanohashidate from the observatory at first. There are 2 observatories in Amanohashidate.

Both have cable car and lift, open until 5 p.m and have beautiful landscape, so you choose depending on which one is closer to your route.

Check the Google Map

Stay around Amanohashidate

There are more than 10 hotels around Amanohashidate.

Above all, we recommend Hashidate Bay Hotel which has a high cost-performance.

But depending on hotel availability and your preferences, Fairfield by Marriott or Amanohashidate hotel and so on are also good.

Almost all hotels have breakfast with

See the picture of Hashidate Bay Hotel

Day2 Ine

Ine is a small fisherman's village and famous for its unique scenery with 230 boathouses lined up.

It takes only 1 hour to Ine from Amanohashidate by E-Bike, but You will run out of time with enjoying its unique mood and beautiful landscape, so I strongly recommend staying in Ine.

See about the Route

Begginer Lv
Beautiful Seaside Course (Amanohashidate to Ine)

[For Beginners] Distance 20km(Oneway)/
Touring time 1h(Oneway)/ Cumulative elevation 104m/ Rental spot: Amanohashidate

Lunch in Ine

The Sushi in Ine and Amanohashidate is absolutely delicious. I cannot find more delicious seafood than here even in Japan.

In addition that they have clean sea and rich fishing grounds, vegetables such as rice, onion and Japanese local vegetables are so delicious thanks to the rich nature and abundant water.

In Ine, usually 3 to 5 restaurants open for lunch, so sometimes you have to wate especially in consecutive holidays.

For the big group tour, Yoshinoya, Restaurant Funaya and Wadatsumi are available and can be booked.

See more about restaurants for lunch in Ine

Dinner in Ine

You should be careful that there are a few restaurants where you can have dinner in Ine. In addition to that, only a few accommodations in Ine serve the dinner.

So you have to check the business day of restaurants.

For the big group tour, you'd better to stay in Aburaya or Swiss village hotel which have dinner plan and capacity for big group.

Stay around Ine

There are guesthouses of boathouses in Ine. If you have the money and the room is available, it would be best to stay there. But now it becomes so popular that it's difficult to get a reservation even 2 months in advance.

On the other hand, there are many accommodations which have good hospitality, meal, facilities and affordable price other than boathouse. You can enough enjoy unique mood in Ine even with staying there, so I recommend them if you don't stick to staying in guesthouse of boathouse.

Aburaya is typical "Ryokan" (Japanese style Inn) and has hot spring but it's expensive.

Day3 to Amanohashidate via Rice Terraces

Beautiful terraced rice fields and the sea spread out 3km from Ine boathouses.

The road is slightly sloped, but it is a very beautiful road that overlooks the wide ocean, so I definitely recommend stopping by.

See more about the Route

Norose Coast

Budget Estimate

ItemPrice (Reasonable)Price (Laxury)
Hotel in Amanohashidate¥8000 with breakfast¥15000 with 2 meals
Dinner in Amanohashidate¥2000
Guesthouse in Ine¥9000 without meal¥30000 with 2 meals
Dinner in Ine¥4000
E-Bike rental for 3 days¥8000¥8000

e.g. 31,000yen



=6,521 TWD

e.g. 53,000yen



=11,149 TWD