The most beautiful area in Japan

Everyone’s idea of beauty is different, but as a Japanese, I strongly feel this Tango Peninsula is most beautiful area in Japan.

I love the view of Fuji mountain, nightview of Kobe, river of Toyama and the emerald green sea of Okinawa, too.

But Tango Peninsula has unique and mysterious charm, that’s why I imigrated here from Tokyo. Of course Amanohashidate in Tango has been called as “3 best view in Japan” since Edo Period.

But before Edo Period, Tango had long history. Tango is near to China, so there had advanced technology and big influence power against Kyoto and Nara. In addition to that, during the westernization in 20 century, most Japanese cities had lost their unique culture and landscape, but Tango left behind the development for better or worse.

Japan is the oldest existing country in the world. While Egypt, China, Rome and every countries fell by invasion or revolution, only Japan has kept its culture and independence.

And this Tango Peninsula has still raw scenary from ancient era, that’s why I feel it’s beautiful every morning riding E-Bike while I’ve been over 5 years here.

If you want to experience modern Japanesae culture, I recommend going to Tokyo.

If you want to go typical tourism spot in Japan, I recommend going to Kyoto.

If you want to look and feel the genuine scenary and culture in Japan, I strongly recommend going to Tango Peninsula.

And the best tool of traveling here is not car, not regular bike, but E-Bike.

That’s why I started this buisiness here.

But Tango is rural now, and doesn’t have old brilliant street like Kanazawa, Takayama or Kinosaki. Then I suggest you should go there after or before go to Tango during your trip in Japan.