About us

We started E-Bike rental and guided tour since 2019 in Ine.

Thogh there had benn COVID pandemic, we have managed to keep our business, thanks to many customers in Japan.

At first we started from 4 e-bikes, but now we have more than 30 europian style E-Bike and 15 Japanse style E-Bike.

Our service for foreign tourists is just the beginning, so we will keep improving our service by your use and words.

Our main base

Our office and house are around Ine and Amanohashidate. In fact these are is very local and far from big cities, so it may be incovinience for some customers. But that’s why we know this area deeply and have a lot of friends there, so we can introduce genuine interesting things to you.



After working in GSDF (Japanse Army) for 9 years, I changed a job to Ine tourism association.

And after association staff for 2 years, I started E-Bike tour business.

Our main business
  • E-Bike Rental
  • E-Bike Guided & Pack Tour with travel agency in Japan and foreign
  • Consulting about cycling tourism with local govenment and organization
Our licence and registration
  • Local Travel Agency 地域-773 cerificated by the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture
  • Light vehicle transportation business
  • Secretary general of “Ride with KYOTO“, public-private partnership bicycle promotion organization in Kyoto.
  • Over 1,500 Japanese customers per year(2023)
  • Over 500 foreign customers per year(2023)