Restaurant in Ine


There are not so many restraint in Ine. 

  • Only 1 restraint serves breakfast.
  • On Thursday, no restraint serves breakfast.
  • Only 2 restraint serves dinner.
  • In high season, some tourist cannot take lunch because of .being crowded

⇒ You have to research and prepare well.  

Lunch & Cafe

Dinner & Breakfast in Ine

My Recommendation

Ine no sora

  • Mon, Tue close
  • 11:30~15:30

CAFE & BB Guri

  •  Sun-Tue close
  • 13:00~17:00

Kamanyu Fishery Port Lunch

  • Holiday of Apr-Oct open
  • 11:00~14:00

Our Delivery Servie

If you stay in accommodation without meal, weather is bad and restraint is far, delivery service will be convenient.