Hashidate Bay Hotel e-Ride Tour

For the guest of Hashidate bay hotel

We’ll proved ride tour from Hashidate bay hotel.

Amanohashidate Nariai hill climb e-Ride


Amanohashidate is called as “three great views of Japan” and Mt. Nariai observatory is called the top view of them, but it has no bus. You can reach there within 30 min by e-BIKE easily. We also guide Nariai-ji temple which is one of the 33 temples that are visited along the Kansai Kannon, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, that dates from over 1000 yeas ago and Moto-Ise-Kono Shrine

Amanohashidate bay cruising e-Ride


We go along the “Amanohashidate Chirimen Cycling Road” which can see the beautiful miyazu gulf. We guide Amanohashidate three shrines (Amanohashidate shirine, Moto-Kono-Ise-Kono Shrine and Manai Shrine) and explain about its history and seasonal view spot. 

Rental Plan

2000yen/ a day  *If you return at another place different from where you rent, it costs 1500 yen more.

All guide tour include 1 day rental fee, but if you’d like to ride by yourself, you can rent e-bike without guide. We explain how to ride and recommending route, so even beginner can enjoy enough.

Variety of e-BIke

Starting point of Tour/Rental


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Hashidate Bay Hotel e-Ride Tour


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